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Webmaster's Toolkit

The Webmaster's Toolkit is a collection of resources to assist Web developers at Virginia Tech.

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Virginia Tech Certification Authority (VTCA)

In recent years, digital certificates have become one of the most widely accepted public key technologies used to secure electronic communications that are transmitted over the Internet. To promote the use of this technology, the Secure Information Exchange Services group within Information Technology has established the Virginia Tech Certification Authority (VTCA) to provide a digital certificate service to the campus community.

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Privacy Statement Generator

When does my web page need a privacy statement?

Purpose.  Privacy statements exist to inform users of website practices regarding collection and use of user information, whether that collection is about their computing set-up or about them personally.  University policy dictates that there shall be privacy statements (or links to privacy statements) on particular kinds of web pages.  University policy does not dictate the specific ways that privacy needs to be handled, since university

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NAS Quotas

The term quota refers to a cap on the total amount of storage provided by a service. Quotas are helpful in planning for system upgrades and preventing over allocating space on the NAS server. Each NAS is set with a quota of 2.5 GB.

How Quotas Work

As you store data in a NAS, the system keeps track of total amount of storage used. When you reach the quota for the NAS, you will not be able to store any more data and will receive an error message to this effect.

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Legato Networker (NSR) Command Line Documentation

See the Legato Networker (NSR) Command Line Documentation knowledge article.

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Quick Start: Web Form Mailer

The Web Form Mailer works by taking structured input from a web form and processing it to create an email message that is sent to a specified email address. Parameters for the mailer are set by using hidden form fields.

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Web Administration Tool Usage

The Web Administration Tool is a Web-accessible management interface for your Web Hosting site. You can use it to:

  • Manage the files on your Web site.
  • Define access restrictions for folders within your site.
  • Access usage statistics.
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NAS Snapshots and Backups

Data reliability is one of the added benefits of using a NAS to store your files. The data in a NAS is protected in two ways: snapshots taken at regular intervals and daily backups.

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Hokies Domain (Active Directory)

See the Central Services Domain (CSD) catalog item or the University Services Domain USD catalog item.

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Central Services Domain

See the Central Services Domain (CSD) service catalog item.

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