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This IT Status feed has been decommissioned as of 02/13/2017.  We now have a new Services Status on our ServiceNow platform.  Please visit to view our current Services Status. view Status History All Active Statuses


Eduroam Connection Issues, posted 10-4-16:  Many users are experiencing long delays connecting to eduroam, primarily during scheduled class changes or at the start of classes. This has been reported mostly in the main academic areas near Burruss and Torgersen Halls, Squires and Newman Library. Users need not change their network passwords, delete wireless profiles, or take other steps with their devices. Efforts are underway to address network equipment and configuration issues. 

Service Degraded [Resolved]

Created: Tue, 10/04/2016 - 9:53am Resolved: Mon, 10/17/2016 - 2:43pm Duration: 1 week 6 days 4 hours 1424 Views