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Sunday, Oct. 20 Maintenance

Sunday Oct. 20 Maintenance -- 7a:  Exchange and 8a:  Middleware DETAILS: 

7a: On Sunday morning (10/20/13) there will be a scheduled maintenance on the Exchange server Mirkwood.  The transaction logs for storage group 4 will be moved from one of the older NetApp disk aggregates to one of the new disk aggregates.  This will be a be a disk to disk copy so it will hopefully not take too long, however during the move Storage Group 4 on the server Mirkwood will be dismounted and all users accounts on that storage group will not be available.  I will be in the office around 7:00 AM and the move should start soon after that.  THIS WILL IMPACT only SG4 -- Athletics store.

8a: On Oct 20 at 8am, Middleware will deploy updates.

The middleware deployment will impact the following services:  DAT, People Search, Group Manager, Guest Access Manager, PIDGen, MyVT, Middleware Web Services and Replication (e.g. password changes) may be delayed.


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