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UPGRADE COMPLETED: An engineering upgrade for the central network storage system known as and is scheduled for Sunday, November 23rd from Noon to 4pm. The upgrade will include replacing multiple parts in skipper’s controller.   Since skipper is part of a High Availability pair storage system, the maintenance will be performed in failover mode (traffic routed to backup/alternate resources) for skipper. Services that rely on the NetApp should remain available during the maintenance. There will be several failover/failback steps performed in support of the maintenance. Services will pause shortly until each failover/failback is complete. Windows users accessing shares on skipper will need to reconnect after each failover/fallback

The following services rely on the

  •    Mystore and Mystore2
  •    Department shares on the NAS 
  •    VT Confluence
  •    JIRA
  •    Banner Document Management System/Application Xtender

 Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies

  • Scholar
  • FDI Registration
  • SPOT Survey
  •  iTunesU

Ensemble Content Management System-Publishing only

Web Hosting

  • All hosted websites
  • MySQL Databases associated with hosted websites
  • VT Calendar (
  • VT Survey (

Filebox - All fileboxes

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