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Maintenance is scheduled for this Sunday, Oct 11, 2015, from 8AM to 3PM, to install new hypervisors in the Storage Attached Network (SAN) pool. This also will complete the EMC/IBM recommended firmware upgrades on the SAN switches to address storage access stability issues.

Some services supported by the SAN (list following) may be degraded during the maintenance window.

•  Banner production database

•  Banner applications:

            o  Internet Native Banner

            o  Self-Service Banner (aka Hokiespa)

            o  Banner Workflow

            o  Travel & Expense

            o  Effort Reporting

 •  Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies - SPOT Survey

•  Timeclock Plus

•  Data Warehouse

•  Jira, Confluence, MicroStrategy

•  MyVT

•  Account Manager

•  WebHosting

•  VT Office Communications Server

•  VT Windows Software Update Service/VTWSUS


Questions about services (before, during, after maintenance) may be forwarded 4Help via or by calling 540-231-4357 (campus phone: 1-HELP).

Service Info [Resolved]

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