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Release for Remote Access -- VPN

The new “Remote Access – VPN” service (aka Junos Pulse) went into production on Tuesday, July 29th, 2014. The legacy “PPTP Virginia Tech VPN” service will be decommissioned on August 12, 2014.

The new VPN service works only on Windows and Mac computers and, the Android and iPhone Pulse mobile clients. Remote Access – VPN service does not support Linux/Unix machines (but those who operate such know workarounds).

Subscribers must use their PID and Network Password (not PID password) to access the service ( Please do not use a percent sign in your Network Password. If you have, please change it to one without that character. HOKIES credentials cannot be used to access the service.

HOKIES credentials cannot be used to access the service.


1. The service is available at no additional charge to existing faculty/staff who also subscribe to wired access (Ethernet) service.

2. Existing subscribers to the wireless network service will be automatically subscribed to the new VPN service.

3. Faculty/staff not otherwise subscribed to a wired service must coordinate with their department's Communications Liaison to register. This is accomplished using an Interdepartmental Communication Request (ICR) via the Customer On Line Access (COLA) site.

4. Remote Access –VPN is available as a >stand-alone< subscription service (for faculty/staff who are not subscribed to wired access (Ethernet) service).

  •  faculty/staff fee is $10/month.
  •  note that for faculty/staff who have previously subscribed only to wireless network service (not subscribed wired Ethernet access), also at $10/month, the VPN  charge is in addition to their wireless charge.
  •  standalone subscriptions to wireless network and “Remote Access – VPN” services (again, for those not subscribed to Ethernet service) is $20/month.
  •  stand-alone subscriptions should be submitted using an ICR (see #3 above)

5.  Students are auto-subscribed to service based on their banner enrollment status; no additional fees apply.

6.  Students have the option to disconnect their wireless network and/or VPN service through COLA.

7.  Remote Access - VPN service is not available to private customers.

Instructions for downloading and configuring the Remote Access – VPN client for subscribed users are available at

Additional Technical Information:

1.  The service only encrypts the information between the VPN client and the Virginia Tech VPN gateway.

2.   The service does not provide end-to-end encryption.

3.   NI&S offers 2 remote access services otherwise known as 'profiles'

  •   All Traffic over VPN. All traffic from the client will go over the VPN. Clients will get a globally routable address.
  •   VT-Traffic Only over VPN.   This is the most common service. Only traffic destined for VT addresses go over the VPN.

                                i. clients will receive an address from the private address range

                                ii. some campus services may not allow connections from that network, so their firewall rules will need to be adjusted

Technical support is available by calling 4-Help (1-4357) or by submitting questions via

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