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PID passwords

UPDATE 4:13 PM: WSD and Middleware have found a solution which will be implemented by 5:00 PM.  This should resolve issues users may be experiencing with these systems.  

UPDATE 3:45 PM: WSD is aware of issues with Accounts and talxProxy and is working with Middleware to find solutions

UPDATE 2:30 PM: Multiple reports of issues with PIDGen, MyVT, Account Manager, changing or resetting password. 4Help is investigating.

Several users are reporting problems changing their temporary PID passwords.  Application engineers have been contacted, but we currently have no time estimate for a resolution.

Service Degraded [Resolved]

Created: Wed, 08/05/2015 - 10:22am Resolved: Thu, 08/06/2015 - 8:51am Duration: 22 hours 28 min 59 sec 2465 Views