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Phone Phishing Scam

BEWARE of PHONE phishing scams! 

This was forwarded to ITSO.  Another round of phone phishing scams. They call saying they are from “Windows” or “Microsoft” and want to “help you fix your machine”. 


I wanted to alert you to another credential phishing scam. This one involves a phone call instead of an email. One of our faculty members received a call today from someone saying they were calling from "Windows" and using the pretense of trying to help him protect himself from a Windows security problem. By virtue of being a Mac user and being alert, he quickly categorized the call as a phishing scam.These scam artists will try to capture your login and identity credentials by guiding you to a malicious web site, having you set up an account, or by having you download/install a malicious program on your computer. Sometimes they're dumb enough to ask for your login credentials and credit card information.Stay alert. Don't follow instructions from unknown callers. If you receive an unsolicited phone call from someone claiming to be from "tech support" ask for their credentials. Then hang up.  

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