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New telephone provider

Virginia Tech has changed telephone service providers from Verizon to Level 3.  We are currently experiencing issues with incoming fax and modem calls.

Communications Network Services has learned this morning of problems with some, not all, fax and modem traffic to the campus system from the public telephone network.  To help resolve these problems, please promptly report them to the Virginia Tech Operations Center by calling 1-6780. Information should include the originating phone number, with area code, the intended destination phone number, and the time the fax was sent.

The university transitioned from Verizon as the university's telephone service provider to a new provider, Level 3. No problems are expected, but there is a chance of isolated instances where telephone companies may fail to route calls appropriately, and that those calling Virginia Tech won't be able to get through in the weeks to come.  While the problem is not expected to be significant in volume, any isolated instance may be difficult to learn about and diagnose. Please stay alert for any stories you hear of callers who cannot reach the university, and report them to 231-6780.



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