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Maintenance on SAN

 On Sunday October 5th from 10am to Noon maintenance will be performed on the VNX 5700 SAN (Storage Attached Network) storage system to replace failed hardware. Some services will be affected by this maintenance. If you experience issues with any services, as always, please contact 4help (231-4357) for updates and clarification.

The following services depend on the VNX5700 that will NOT be available during the maintenance are:

  • Java based WebJob/WebDist application (plus supporting applications such as Oracle and Perl)

  • SAS running on Databarn and Toolshed.

  • Banner Job Submission

 The following services depend on the VNX5700 that will be available during the maintenance are:

* Banner production database*  Banner applications:        o       Internet Native Banner        o       Self-Service Banner (aka Hokiespa)        o       Banner Workflow        o       Travel & Expense        o       Effort Reporting*  Learning Technologies Applications        o       FDI Registration        o       SPOT Survey        o       iTunesU*  Timeclock Plus*  Data Warehouse*  Jira, Confluence, JasperSoft*  MyVT*  Account Manager*  WebHosting*  VT Office Communications Server*  VT Windows Software Update Service/VTWSUS*  Network Backup Service including TSM and NetWorker**  RemedyPlease contact 4Help at or call 540-231-4357, with questions.



NOTE:  Scholar will be running on  to its standby database in Cassell

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