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Patch maintenance will be performed on all Collaborative Computing Solutions (CCS) production servers Saturday, July 18, from 5am-12pm.
Hokies Active Directory and Hokies DNS will be available, but the following CCS services will be unavailable for 5-15 minutes at various times during the maintenance period.
ADadmin web site
BIS Hyperion Website
Print Services on SSPrint01
VCOM Exchange Email infrastructure
VDWS portal web site
VT CCS web sites
VT Exchange Email infrastructure
VT Office Communication Server
entire W2K-DEV and W2K-TEST forests and web sites and services
Active Directory authentication is expected to be working in Hokies, Central Services, University Services, and VCOM domains due to the presence of a domain controller in each domain that will not be offline. Machines that have cached their domain controller or are programmed to use a DNS server that will be offline may experience delays during logins and queries.
The Central Services Hyper-V Failover Clustering servers will be patched in a rolling method so no downtime should be incurred.

Service Info [Resolved]

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