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ID Types at Virginia Tech

What is the difference between a PID, Banner/Warehouse ID, and Hokies ID, particularly since you use the same username? Why is it necessary to use different passwords?

Using a different password for each ID is vital to protecting your accounts. Further, each ID uses a different authentication or authorization process which adds another layer of security that works well in concert with using different passwords.

The most important things to remember about your IDs at Virginia Tech is the ID or username is the same for each of them, but the password is different for each ID or username.

Which ID to Use for Which System


A PID and PID password are used by all faculty, staff, and students to access some online Virginia Tech services. For example, logging on to Hokie SPA to update your address and other contact information or to view your paystubs or academic history, is a service that is available to students, alumni, and current employees. For more information on PIDs, see the university's Personal Credentials for Enterprise Electronic Services and the PID: Your Personal Identifier page.

Services that use the PID for Authorization:
  • Alumni Gateway
  • Scholar
  • Hokie SPA
  • MyVT

Network Password

Your network password is used to connect to eduroam or to connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN). The associated username is your PID. For instructions on obtaining or changing your network password, see Change Network Password.

VT Google Apps Password

Your VT Google Apps ID or username is your full Virginia Tech email address, including the "" part. However, the password is different from all other passwords and used only for the VT Google Apps Mail and other VT Google Apps services.

Banner/Warehouse ID

Your Banner/Warehouse ID is an administrative ID for faculty and staff used to log on to the systems which access university data using Internet Native Banner, online reports, and the Data Warehouse. For more information, see the Banner/Warehouse ID page.

Hokies ID

Your Hokies ID is used for Windows-specific resources available for faculty and staff such as logging on to the Exchange email service, logging on to your workstation if the computer was set up as part of the Hokies Domain, and accessing various file servers. For more information, see the Hokies ID page.

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