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eToken issuance suspended until further notice

Update: Our team is working on this issue and hope to have it resolved tonight.

eToken issuance suspended until further notice

We are experiencing problems using certificates on eTokens to login to CAS and AD Admin:

  • eTokens with certificates issued after October 23 are not usable with CAS
  • eTokens with certificates issued prior to October 23 are not usable with AD Admin. The issue is due to a change that was made on October 23 to extend the life of the certificates issued by the Virginia Tech User CA. We are working to resolve these problems and will update IT Status with our progress.

UPDATE 11/7/14:  The User CA has successfully been restored to its state prior to the October 23 change. Functionality has been tested, and everything is working as it did prior to the change, except we discovered a new, unrelated problem with Mac OS 10.10 and eTokens. SafeNet has given us the workaround below, which we have verified works.

A driver incompatibility issue between SafeNet Authentication Client (SAC) and MAC OS Yosemite 10.10  prevents systems running Yosemite 10.10 to correctly recognize  SafeNet eToken 5100 and eToken PRO.

Please take the following steps to overcome the driver incompatibility issue:

1.Navigate to the “/usr/libexec/SmartCardServices/drivers” directory. This is where PCSCD drivers are located.

2.Delete or remove the “ eTokenIfdh.bundle” and any other SafeNet bundles from the PCSCD directory

3.Reboot the system


Service Degraded [Resolved]

Created: Fri, 11/07/2014 - 9:37am Resolved: Mon, 11/10/2014 - 11:17am Duration: 3 days 1 hour 39 min 5145 Views