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During the holiday break, we are planning for two maintenance periods for Ensemble (

Reduced functionality: Dec 22 (5 pm) to  Dec 23 (5 am)

We plan on re-indexing Ensemble starting 5 pm today and this should take about 12 hours (think of it as refreshing the giant directory of all the content in the system).  During this time, while the system will be up and items can be created and published, images and files placed in the DAM will not be accessible via the assets browser to be placed inside of components. A temporary work around for placing images on a page would be to directly upload them to the component on the page.

Offline: Dec 28 (9 am - 5pm)

Ensemble will be down for maintenance on Wednesday, Dec 28th starting at 10 am.  During that time we will be upgrading the system to 6.1 Service Pack 2 and Cumulative Fix 3.  This upgrade provides a variety of product enhancements and improvements.  Most notably, the link browser tool in the text component will be similar to the path browsing tool (which will make linking to assets easier).  This upgrade will also give us the ability to rapidly deploy future fix patches as the vendor releases them. We are also upgrading the publishers at this time, but as these are load balanced, it should not affect end users visiting published sites.

If you have any questions, please file a ticket by going to and clicking on the "Request CMS Support" link on the bottom right hand corner of the webpage.

Happy Holidays!

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