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Email delays

UPDATE on email issues and storage outage event on 2/24/14:   

Email issues on 2/24/14: There were some minor queuing issues for off campus mail (not including VT Google).  (The off campus relay is very busy these days, mostly dealing with malformed spam and bounces to malformed spam.  The email team had started some clean up scripts to deal with stuck spam messages from over the weekend.)  This only impacted email sent to off campus addresses.

Later in the afternoon, at approximately 1410, we had a storage event that caused issues with most of the hypervisors we use to host our VMs.  This including almost all of the mail machines.

Mail was never entirely down, but was running in a degraded state until approximately 1715.  Auth SMTP was down until about 1600.

There were several other services down or degraded for about the same period.

As of 0800 2/25/14, all email services were running as designed. 

Service Degraded [Resolved]

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