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This IT Status feed has been decommissioned as of 02/13/2017.  We now have a new Services Status on our ServiceNow platform.  Please visit to view our current Services Status. view Status History All Active Statuses

Computing Checklist for Graduating Students

Graduating students should prepare for the continuance and discontinuance of services as indicated below. Alumni of Virginia Tech remain eligible for some online services.

All students of Virginia Tech have their Hokie SPA services available to them. You can request transcripts, update your contact information, and otherwise access portions of your records.

Students who do not graduate and who plan on spending more than one term away from Virginia Tech enrollment should plan for alternate service providers. Email service along with other online services will not continue indefinitely.

Copy or Remove Computer Files

Copy or remove any files from computers that you will not be taking with you, whether on remote servers or on a local computer.

Note: Different services will have unique requirements that provide a varying grace period as to how long your materials will remain in place and how long you will be able to access them. To be safe in saving all the information you may need, be sure to copy files prior to graduation day.

Software Licenses

Check on the specific licensing situation for software that you would like to use after graduation. Some software licenses provide you with eligibility to upgrade prior to graduation, while others may expire. It is unfortunately confusing, but the vendors of software are not consistent.

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