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BANNER upgrade on Sunday Feb. 8

The production Banner/CNS forms (INB) servers will be upgraded on Sunday, February 8th.  This will be a rolling upgrade, which means there won't be any scheduled outage and services should remain available.

We have 5 production servers and at least two will be in service at any given time during the upgrades. 

How will this affect users?  In three ways.1)  While this upgrade does not require an outage of services, if a forms user has an established connection on one of the servers when I pull it out of service, there is no fail over, so that user will be disconnected and lose their session.  This action will take place around 11:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday.  To prevent this, all INB users should be logged out of Banner/CNS forms applications before 11:00PM on Saturday and Sunday.2) The biggest impact is that this upgrade requires a new version of the frmall.jar file that all forms clients download.  If a client's browser/java has cached the old frmall.jar, which most of them will have, then the first time they try to connect to forms after the upgrade, they will receive a "FRM-92160: Fatal error: web client version is too old" message.  They will need to close their browser, clear their java cache, and then open their browser again.  At that point they will download and cache the new version of the frmall.jar file and be fine going forward.  Unfortunately there is no way around this.  This will need to be done on all computers that users access Banner INB/CNS forms from. An alternative to receiving this error message on Monday would be on Friday before leaving, users could close all browser sessions and clear their java cache.  As long as they don't log back into Banner fro that computer between doing so, and Monday morning, they should not receive this error on Monday.3) Also, because the new frmall.jar file that they have to download had to be resigned with a local certificate, they are going to get this message again the first time they try to run it.  This is the same thing that happens every two years when the certificate expires and we have to resign the jar files with a new certificate. 

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