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New Students

Everything you need to know as a New Virginia Tech Student.


My VT is a gateway or portal to Virginia Tech online services and information designed to be used by all Virginia Tech students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The automatic single sign-on capability My VT offers with several university services, such as Hokie SPA, and Departmental Software, uses Central Authentication Services (CAS). Single sign-on means that once you log on to My VT, you won't have to retype your PID and password to access those online services. Featured also in My VT are several information channels that focus on a particular topic. Currently there are over 30 different channels created by various university departments and some channels are from outside sources, like headline news.

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See the Avoid Phishing Scam Emails knowledge article.

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Remote Access - Virtual Private Network

See the Remote Access - VPN Introduction and Information knowledge page.

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Get Connected

See the Get Connected knowledge page.

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IT Experience and Engagement: User Engagement (4Help)

See the 4Help - Computing Support service catalog page.

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