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Network Backup Service

Information Systems and Computing offers a Network Backup Service to faculty and staff that provides:

  • Scheduled daily backup of workstation files and directories
  • Offsite storage in compliance with computing standards
  • Restoration of files at your convenience

for the following operating systems:

  • Unix (AIX, HP-UX, Oracle Solaris, Linux x86_64, Linux on POWER, Linux on System Z, Ubuntu)
  • Mac OS
  • Windows
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Policies and Standards

See the Policies and Standards knowledge page.

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IBM BigFix Patch Management

For more information and to get started, see the 4Help service catalog page: IBM BigFix Patch Management.

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SAMS IT Event Calendar

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VT Google Apps

Virginia Tech has paired with Google to offer VT Google Apps, a suite of email and collaboration services, through the Google Apps for Education program.

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Internet Native Banner Text Font Size

When using Internet Native Banner (Banner), the font / text size is too small. How I do increase the font / text size on the Banner screen to make it larger and easier to read?
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Accessing the Virginia Tech Logo and Letterhead

Who can download the Virginia Tech logo or letterhead?
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Requesting a Virginia Tech SSL Certificate

How do I request a Virginia Tech SSL Certificate?
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Assigning Access to Your Departmental Network-Attached Storage (NAS) Space to Another Individual in Windows

How do I assign access to another person for my departmental Network-Attached Storage (NAS) space in Windows?
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Backing Up Your Data

See the Backing Up Your Data KB article page.

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