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Exchange Mailbox Management

See the Exchange Email Management and Tips knowledge article.

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VT Google Apps Mail Mailbox Management

The following topics in this document will help you manage the messages you receive through your VT Google Apps Mail account.

Important: Even if you forward your VT Google Apps Mail to another account, it is important to regularly check both the Inbox and Spam folders of VT Google Apps Mail for any emails that you may have missed.

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Web Form Mailer

The Web Form Mailer was created to send email messages from Web forms on a Web site. Many Web developers want to send email messages from Web forms on their site; however, due to limitations on many Web publishing services at Virginia Tech, this is not possible. The Web Form Mailer was created to address this issue.

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Spam (Unwanted Email)

See the Spam (Unwanted Email) knowledge page.

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VT PACE Addresses

See the VT Pace Accounts service catalog item.

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Virginia Tech Instant Messaging Service

Virginia Tech Instant Messaging (IM) Service is an instant messaging service for Virginia Tech faculty and staff. The service provides a secure alternative to e-mail communication and enables two entities on the Internet to exchange messages essentially in real time.

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Event Calendar

See Event Calendar and Calendar Hosting for Virginia Tech Departments.

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Enterprise Directory

Designed in accordance with the Middleware Architecture Committee for Education, the Enterprise Directory (ED) is EduPerson 1.0 compliant and works with a wide range of applications developed for educational institutions. Middleware Web Services provide secure query and management interfaces for university applications.

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Mass Email Distribution Methods

See Virginia Tech Mass Email Guidelines.

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Mass Email Message Formatting

There are ways to format your mass email messages to minimize the burden on delivery systems. It is also possible to format these message in ways less likely to be flagged by email systems as spam, phishing attacks, or fraudulent mail.

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